Hero Rank

29.99 USD


[Hero] tag
Ability to join a full server.
Access to the Hero Kit, Ultra kit, and the Premium Kit
Access to /hat
You can instantly hatch any egg every 15 minutes by using /timedhatch
Ability to change your nickname and colors with /nick
Open your PC anywhere with /pc
Ability to heal your pokemon anywhere with every 5 minutes with /timedheal
Ability to glow Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Dark Red, Dark Green, Dark Blue or Aqua with /playerglow
Access to speak in a LightGray, Green, Cyan or Orange colour with /chatcolors

What's inside the Premium Kit?

8x Poke Balls
4x Great Balls
4x Ultra Balls
5x Rare Candy
1x Fossil

What's inside the Ultra Kit?

5x Vote Keys
16x Poke Balls
8x Great Balls
8x Ultra Balls
10x Rare Candy
2x Fossils

What's inside the Hero Kit?

5x Level Keys
16x Great Balls
16x Ultra Balls
20x Rare Candy
2x Fossils

$100,000 in-game cash
Random Legendary