Colossus Rank

149.99 USD 75.00 USD


Join server when full
/hat (wear any item as your hat)
/phatch (instantly hatches eggs with 10 minute cooldown)
/nick &eYourNickNameHere (fully customizeable with colors & styles)
/pc (access your PC from anywhere)
/pokeheal (heal your Pokemon from anywhere)
/repair (heals your tools)
/tppos (teleport to any coordinate)
/speed (set your walking or fly speed up to 3x)
/enderchest (access your enderchest anywhere)
/god (become invincible)
/fly (fly around infinitely)
/pokecolor (colorize the names of your Pokemon)
/tradesim (simulates a trade to evolve certain Pokemon)
/compsearch (search for a Pokemon in anyones PC)
/compsee (peak in anyones PC)
/resetevs (reset a party Pokemon's EVs)
/kit Premium
/kit Ultra
/kit Hero
/kit Legend
/kit Titan
/kit Colossus

What's inside the Premium Kit?
8x Poke Balls
4x Great Balls
4x Ultra Balls
5x Rare Candy
1x Fossil

What's inside the Ultra Kit?

5x Vote Keys
16x Poke Balls
8x Great Balls
8x Ultra Balls
10x Rare Candy
2x Fossils

What's inside the Hero Kit?

5x Level Keys
16x Great Balls
16x Ultra Balls
20x Rare Candy
2x Fossils

What's inside the Legend Kit?

1x Seasonal Key
30x Rare Candy
1x Master Ball
1x Silver Hourglass
1x Golden Hourglass
1x Ranch Upgrade

What's inside the Titan Kit?

1x Pokedoll Key
40x Rare Candy
2x Master Ball
2x Silver Hourglass
2x Golden Hourglass
2x Ranch Upgrade

What's inside the Colossus Kit?
1x Legendary Crate Key
50x Rare Candy
3x Premier Balls
3x Cherish Balls
3x Master Balls
4x Silver Hourglass
4x Golden Hourglass
4x Ranch Upgrade

$800,000 in-game cash
Random Shiny Legendary