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Package Description

Join server when full
+(2) Free Poke-Edits per month on top of the (2) from Demiurge!
Any custom Prefix with any color of choice [CustomTag]
Every single /glow color!
PokeParticles on any 5x Pokemon per month (
Choice of any (1) Special Pokemon (Custom or mod) with free Demiurge Edit on top of it per month
Get 1500 claim blocks per hour, instead of 500

/hat (wear any item as your hat)
/phatch (instantly hatches eggs with 10 minute cooldown)
/nick &eYourNickNameHere (fully customizeable with colors & styles)
/pc (access your PC from anywhere)
/pokeheal (heal your Pokemon from anywhere)
/repair (heals your tools)
/tppos (teleport to any coordinate)
/speed (set your walking or fly speed up to 3x)
/enderchest (access your enderchest anywhere)
/god (become invincible)
/fly (fly around infinitely)
/pokecolor (colorize the names of your Pokemon)
/tradesim (simulates a trade to evolve certain Pokemon)
/compsearch (search for a Pokemon in anyones PC)
/compsee (peak in anyones PC)
/resetevs (reset a party Pokemon's EVs)
/fhatch (Instantly hatch an egg in any slot - No cooldown!)
/pokebreed <slot> <slot> - This will allow you to instantly breed two Pokemon in your team with a 10m cooldown!
/redeemfossil - Allows you to instantly clean a fossil you are holding.

/kit Premium
/kit Ultra
/kit Hero
/kit Legend
/kit Titan
/kit Colossus
/kit Demiurge
/kit Omnipotence

Weekly Kits
/kit Premium:
8x Poke Balls
4x Great Balls
4x Ultra Balls
5x Rare Candy
1x Fossil

What's inside the Premium Kit?

What's inside the Ultra Kit?

What's inside the Hero Kit?

What's inside the Legend Kit?

What's inside the Titan Kit?

What's inside the Colossus Kit?

What's inside the Divinity Kit?

What's inside the Demiurge Kit?

What's inside the Omnipotence Kit?