Omnipotence Rank

499.99 USD 100.00 USD


Package Description

Join server when full
+(2) Free Poke-Edits per month on top of the (2) from Demiurge!
Any custom Prefix with any color of choice [CustomTag]
Every single /glow color!
PokeParticles on any 5x Pokemon per month (
Choice of any (1) Special Pokemon (Custom or mod) with free Demiurge Edit on top of it per month
Get 1500 claim blocks per hour, instead of 500

/hat (wear any item as your hat)
/phatch (instantly hatches eggs with 10 minute cooldown)
/nick &eYourNickNameHere (fully customizeable with colors & styles)
/pc (access your PC from anywhere)
/pokeheal (heal your Pokemon from anywhere)
/repair (heals your tools)
/tppos (teleport to any coordinate)
/speed (set your walking or fly speed up to 3x)
/enderchest (access your enderchest anywhere)
/god (become invincible)
/fly (fly around infinitely)
/pokecolor (colorize the names of your Pokemon)
/tradesim (simulates a trade to evolve certain Pokemon)
/compsearch (search for a Pokemon in anyones PC)
/compsee (peak in anyones PC)
/resetevs (reset a party Pokemon's EVs)
/fhatch (Instantly hatch an egg in any slot - No cooldown!)
/pokebreed <slot> <slot> - This will allow you to instantly breed two Pokemon in your team with a 10m cooldown!
/redeemfossil - Allows you to instantly clean a fossil you are holding.

/kit Premium
/kit Ultra
/kit Hero
/kit Legend
/kit Titan
/kit Colossus
/kit Demiurge
/kit Omnipotence

Disguise as Pokemon with /pokedisguise pokename
All Gen 1 Starters and their evolutions
All Gen 2 Starters and their evolutions
All Gen 3 Starters and their evolutions
All Gen 4 Starters and their evolutions
All Gen 5 Starters and their evolutions
All Gen 6 Starters and their evolutions
All Gen 7 Starters and their evolutions
All Legendary disguises

Weekly Kits
/kit Premium:
8x Poke Balls
4x Great Balls
4x Ultra Balls
5x Rare Candy
1x Fossil

/kit Ultra:
5x Vote Keys
16x Poke Balls
8x Great Balls
8x Ultra Balls
10x Rare Candy
2x Fossils

/kit Hero:
5x Level Keys
16x Great Balls
16x Ultra Balls
20x Rare Candy
2x Fossils

/kit Legend:
1x Seasonal Key
30x Rare Candy
1x Master Ball
1x Silver Hourglass
1x Golden Hourglass
1x Ranch Upgrade

/kit Titan:
1x Pokedoll Key
40x Rare Candy
2x Master Ball
2x Silver Hourglass
2x Golden Hourglass
2x Ranch Upgrade

/kit Colossus:
1x Power Surge Tools Crate Key
50x Rare Candy
3x Premier Balls
3x Cherish Balls
3x Master Balls
4x Silver Hourglass
4x Golden Hourglass
4x Ranch Upgrade

/kit Divinity:
55x Rare Candy
5x Master balls
4x Premier balls
4x Cherish balls
6x Golden Hourglasses
6x Silver Hourglasses
6x Ranch Upgrades
2x Legendary Crate Keys

/kit Demiurge
6x Cherish Balls
6x Premier Balls
64x Rare Candy
1x Shiny Token
2x GatorCraft Crate Keys
5x Master Balls
8x Silver Hourglass
8x Golden Hourglass
8x Ranch Upgrade

/kit Omniopotence
1x Omega Key
1x Delta Key
1x Alpha Key
1x Summer Key
1x Rainbow Key
1x Galaxy Key
1x Special Texture Key
5x Random Scrolls (Gender/HA/HP/Level/IV/Shiny/Giant/Tiny/Special/Tint)

$50,000,000 in-game cash
25,000 Pokebuilder Tokens