Limited Key Pack

19.99 USD 10.00 USD


Can only be purchased (2) times per week!

10x Seasonal Crate Keys
10x Pokedoll Crate Keys
10x Support Crate Keys
10x Power Surge Tools Crate Keys
10x GatorCraft Crate Keys
10x Legendary Crate Key (Non-Shiny)
10x Alpha Crate Keys
10x Omega Crate Keys
10x Ethereal Crate Keys
10x Rainbow Crate Keys

Legendary Crate - Receive any random non-shiny Legendary.
Adventure Crate
- Receive any Random Shiny Pokémon, Legendary, special textures or an Omega Crate.
Omega Crate
- Shiny Legendary or a Shadow Special
Alpha Crate - Special Textured Pokemon that rotate bi-weekly
Ethereal Crate - Special themed Pokemon based around a unique blue/space theme